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[this is a space for free exchange of sound.
you can share and/or listen to.]

the suq is a place for free exchange and sound experimentation. every broadcast happens only once and is a live performance. the content we make reflects on and resonates with the concept of radio as a placeless, immaterial, non-visual, disseminated and time-based medium.

the suq is more like a process.

stationing [text]

(with giulia bernardi)
22/7/2020 - 19:00 cet

the bread concert [text]

(with mariona pujol miravent)
1/7/2020 - 16:00 cet

it's a nice place [text]

(by radiosuq)
23/6/2020 - 21:00 cet

rrr(rrrrrrrrrr [text]

(with chiara duchi)
16/6/2020 - 21:00 cet

bread concert - intro [text]

(with mariona pujol miravent)
12/6/2020 - 14:00 cet

dialoghi sopra le onde sonore del mondo pt.2 [text]

(with tobia festa bianchet)
5/6/2020 - 14:00 cet

territorio [text]

(by radiosuq)
2/6/2020 - 21:00 cet

i comandava lori [text]

(with nonna luigina)
31/5/2020 - 21:00 cet

marte [text]

(by radiosuq)
26/5/2020 - 21:00 cet

dialoghi sopra le onde sonore del mondo pt.1 [text]

(with tobia festa bianchet)
24/5/2020 - 10:00 cet

one month-long dawn pt.1 [text]

(by radiosuq)
19/5/2020 - 21:00 cet

radiosuq is an independent artistic project born in april 2020, a time when making connections and communicating is more necessary and challenging than ever.
the idea was conceived between the 2600km that separate bolzano from jerusalem.
radiosuq researches and explores the possibilities of radio-art, collaborating with people.

sūq means market.

team: matteo zoccolo, luisa pisetta and chiara duchi
web development: giacomo melacini (mela)
artwork: amedeo bonini

we're open to collaborations:
ig: @radio.suq
fb: radiosuq
wa: +39 3454289568